What is Non-Rev?

Non-Rev.com is a community gathering for anyone who works for an airline and wishes to connect and learn from others in the industry. We want you to be able to connect with others, ask questions, and hopefully this makes your next trip a little bit less stressful, and successful.

Who Can Sign Up?

In short, employees, retirees and dependents can all join. If you work for a major airline, anywhere in the world, you are eligible to join for free! Specifically, any airline employee, dependent or retiree of an International Air Transport Association (IATA) can join. Is your airline a member? Most likely, but you can see the whole list here.

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Non-Rev Q & A

This is your place to ask questions related to non-rev or standby travel. Ask your question and wait for the community to help you out on your next trip. Additionally, don't forget to share your own advice to others looking for help.



Location Tips & Tricks

The destinations section is a place for airline employees to share tips and suggestions for both things to do, how to navigate travel, and other general tips and tricks for a city. Ask and answer questions now.


Website News

Relevant discounts added to the front page under the discounts tab. The quality of these should improve as I get more time to understand the deals coming in.

Security will be improved shortly. I'm in the process of securing the entire site, so that all pages use encrypted certificates (SSL) to send information back and forth.